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Willard of Oz Studios

Demo Reel

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If there is something specific your project requires and you do not see it represented in my portfolio, please feel free to contact me about spec scores.

0:00 Progressive Metal (Metanoia)

0:39 Synthwave (Digital Dreams)

1:13 Hybrid Rock/Electronic (The Retired OST)

1:55 8-bit/Chiptunes (Unicorn Rescue Unit OST)

2:26 Hybrid Orchestral/Electronic (The Witching Hour)

3:16 Indie Rock (Comic Creator Podcast Intro)

3:50 Jazz Fusion (Night on the Town)

4:32 Silent Film (Mr. Turk OST)

5:17 Orchestral with Vocals (Reflection OST)

6:12 Acoustic Rock (Aurora)

6:53 80's Pop (The Killing Joke)

7:32 Electronic (I.T. Girl OST)

7:53 Orchestral (Impactfull Life Intro)

8:05 Baroque (The Documentarian OST) 8:30 Country Rock (Training Video Background)


Willard of Oz Studios is the umbrella company for freelance artist Ryan Willard.

Ryan operates as a music composer, sound mixer, and film maker in Knoxville, TN. If he isn't collaborating on a project, his time is spent working on his own music and exploring new sonic possibilities. Ryan's influences range from progressive metal group Dream Theater to video game composer Nobuo Uematsu. A constant student of traditional and modern music genres, his style uniquely blends the sounds of orchestral, rock, and electronic music.

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