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Studio Services

Services Offered:
  • Studio Recording

          - Singer/Songwriters

          - Podcasts

  • Arrangments

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Distribution

Recording/Mixing/Mastering (Basic Package)
Price: $150

Price includes a 2 hour block of 

recording time for 1 song, 

mixing/mastering services, and a 

master recording (both .mp3 and 

.wav) of the song upon completion.

Price: $100

Price includes an arrangement 

(writing, recording, and mixing) of 

drums/percussion and bass guitar 

for 1 song.

Arrangement (Extras)
Price: $50+

Price(s) include the arrangement 

of more intricate parts (strings, 

solo instruments, etc.)

**Pricing taken on a case by case 

basis depending on client’s needs.

Price: 5% of Sales

Price includes digital distribution 

on most major online retailers, 

including iTunes and Spotify, 

distributed under the “Willard of 

Oz Studios” name.

Studio Recording Samples
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